GDP per capita growth


Asia was the continent that recovered the fastest since the global financial crisis from 2007-2008. The average growth rate of the Asian economies exceeded 6% in 2010 (which was more than double that of their Western counterparts). 


According to the data for 2019, Oriental countries are still leading the world in terms of economic development  with a growth rate of more than 3%. Although, it seems that Eastern ascendence has slowed down for the moment, it is only because of the maturing of the Chinese economy while the other big players like India and Indonesia are still catching up and will surely raise that number.

GDP per capita


Even though Asia lags behind the West in terms of GDP per capita, its huge growth rate is about to change that. There are comparatively fewer countries in Asia compared to the West that could be considered developed (according to the United Nations) and those are the four Asian Tigers plus the industrial giant of Japan.

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