AI Current Status and Strategies

Artificial intelligence technologies are rapidly being integrated across industries and sectors. Companies have begun to experiment with a suite of AI solutions across numerous use cases - from manufacturing to energy, from healthcare to government. Most of the AI adoption is still happening in the pilot phase, but the potential of AI is already showing tangible benefits for its users and even exceeding expectations. 

While some of the countries have just started to develop AI strategies, Asian countries, such as China, Japan, India, Singapore have already developed national-level plans for how AI can be used to enhance domestic and regional competitiveness, which include public and private sector collaboration. 
Collaboration between government, the private sector and academia using vast datasets is a notable feature of AI development in Asia, often in specific industry subsectors such as transportation, healthcare, utilities and community security.

In Asia, technology investments and innovative AI approaches are growing faster than anywhere else. Its emerging ecosystem allows entrepreneurs, businesses, and governments to develop endless opportunities empowered by AI.

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