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DeepTech & GeoEconomic Big Data Analytics Dashboards

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COVID-19 Dashboard

COVID-19 Regional Safety Assessment 
250 Countries, Regions & Territories
Based on the data collected up until August 23

As vaccine research advances it is becoming more crucial to have in place a more thorough analysis of the spread of virus and various levels of success at prevention and recovery, as well as up to date information on emerging threats in some specific areas, and where they might appear (white spots). In order to be assured that countries, regions and international organizations have all the necessary data, there must be tight collaboration between the statisticians, data scientists, medics and other involved parties. 




Countries and Regions


Data Points

At any rate, the coronavirus pandemic is a critical challenge that must be faced in order to plan the best strategic measures to reduce and neutralize negative repercussions, until the final solution of a vaccine is within the reach of the scientific and medical community. With this in mind, Deep Knowledge Group’s new COVID-19 special analytical case study is designed to classify, analyze and rank the economic, social and health stability achieved by each of the 250 countries and regions included in its analysis, as well as the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats or risks that they present in the battle against the global health and economic crisis triggered by COVID-19.

It is Deep Knowledge Group’s aim that, regardless of whether the conclusions and recommendations presented in this special analytical case study are adopted wholesale, the present analysis can serve as a starting point for discussion and a resource for governments to optimize current and post-pandemic safety and stability, and as a toolset for establishing the best possible action plans for each particular region, in order to maintain the health and economic well-being of their populations and reverse the collateral damage caused by COVID-19.

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