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DKA Latest News

Deep Knowledge Group and Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park launch the Life Sciences in the UAE report 


Deep Knowledge Group (DKG) and the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP) have recently co-hosted a TechTalk to reveal their jointly-produced Life Sciences in the UAE report. 

The event saw Anastasia Lit, Director of Investor Relations, Europe & MENA, Deep Knowledge Group discuss key developments in the Life Sciences industry, highlighting the emerging Longevity Industry and its focus on healthy ageing.

Building a Sustainable Future Through FoodTech

Building a sustainable future through FoodTech (1920x1080).png

Join us for an interactive event about the latest sustainable FoodTech trends. The event will cover everything from organic produce to meat alternatives. World-class speakers will conduct a 10-minute talk followed by a joint panel discussion from the moderator and the audience.

'Artificial Intelligence Industry in the UK Landscape Overview: Companies, Investors, Influencers and Trends' Press Launch

Artificial Intelligence press launche.png

On 15 December 2021 Big Innovation Centre will hold an offline Press Launch of the major analysis and report, ‘AI Industry in the UK Landscape Overview 2021'.  It is a new version of the previous analysis and report published in dialogue with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence (APPG AI) in 2018 which contained the first comprehensive mapping of the UK AI landscape. 

Sharjah Research Technology & Innovation Park and Deep Knowledge Analytics set out to research and develop the Longevity Industry in the UAE

SRTIP Partnership.png

Sharjah Research Technology & Innovation Park (SRTIP) and Deep Knowledge Analytics (DKA), a DeepTech analytical agency focused on Longevity, AI, and the convergence of technological megatrends have announced a first-of-a-kind strategic partnership aimed at mapping the Longevity Industry in the UAE.

How well did your city respond to Covid? A new ranking has answers

How well did your city respond to Covid.jfif

Some countries have managed the global pandemic better than others. The London-based analytical agency Deep Knowledge Analytics (DKA) examined 114 variables across five categories of pandemic responses: economic resiliency, governance, healthcare, quarantines and vaccinations. 
The average score for all cities was 55.36 out of a possible 100 points, indicating “every city has some room to improve,” said DKA Director Alexei Cresniov.

100 Safest Countries for Covid-19

The 100 Safest Countries For COVID-19_ Updated.png
forbes logo.png

Deep Knowledge Group first released a ranking of the safest countries in the world for COVID-19 back in June. Now the think-tank has updated its data and methodology and re-issued a report on the safest countries and regions. The ranking isn’t what most people expect: it’s not just about how many infections there are right now, or how many deaths COVID-19 has caused.

Blockchain Industry in the UK Landscape Overview 2021: Companies, Investors, Influencers, and Trends

Financial IT logo.png

Report produced by Innovation Eye and powered by Big Innovation CentreDeep Knowledge Analytics, and Greengage presents an updated overview of the entire Blockchain industry ecosystem in the United Kingdom. It serves as a comprehensive follow-up to Innovation Eye’s Blockchain in UK Landscape Overview Q3 2018 (First Edition), produced in collaboration with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain.

Abu Dhabi ranked best city in the world for pandemic response

Abu Dhabi ranked best city in the world for pandemic response.jpg
timeout logo.png

Deep Knowledge Group (DKG), a London-based analytical institute specialising in advanced analytics, has revealed in a new study that Abu Dhabi has come out top in the group's rankings as the safest city in the world thanks to its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Utilising 1,300 data points in total, the study and ranking are based on an analytical framework consisting of 50 parameters.

Abu Dhabi maintains its lead global ranking for pandemic response

Abu Dhabi maintains its lead global ranking for pandemic response.jpg
emirates news agency.png

Abu Dhabi has once again topped the list of the world’s leading cities for their response to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a London-based analytics consortium, Deep Knowledge Group (DKG). The Deep Knowledge Group released the report, "Ranking of the Safest Cities during the COVID-19 Pandemic for the Second Quarter of 2021".

Release of New Report: COVID-19 City Safety Ranking Report

Deep Knowledge Analytics Releases New Special Case Study_ COVID-19 City Safety Ranking Rep
ein logo.png

New Analytical Report Utilizes Quantifiable Metrics Based on 114 Parameters and 8 000 Data Points to Rank the COVID-19 Safety of 50 Cities and Municipalities. Deep Knowledge Analytics releases its new open-access, 116-page COVID-19 City Safety Ranking Q2/2021 analytical case study that classifies, analyses and ranks the economic, societal and health stability of 50 cities and municipalities globally. 

Best Residence by Investment Cities for Business Index

Best Residence by Investment Cities for Business Index.jpg
H&P logo stacked.png

In response to a dramatically changing global landscape, Henley & Partners in collaboration with Deep Knowledge Analytics (DKA) has vigorously assessed the capitals and other major cities of each residence-by-investment country according to the top 10 criteria or parameters that business owners would consider when deciding where in the world to locate and run their businesses.

Abu Dhabi top of the world for global Covid-19 response

Abu Dhabi top of the world for global Covid-19 response.png
the national.png

Abu Dhabi has topped a global ranking of 50 cities for its response to the Covid-19 pandemic with Dubai also making the top five. 

The emirate was singled out for the efficiency of its government services and its quarantine management in the report, titled 'Ranking of the Safest Cities during the Covid-19 Pandemic for the Second Quarter of 2021', released by analytics consortium Deep Knowledge Group in London.

Release of a New Report:Landscape of Advanced Technology Companies in Pharmaceutical Industry Q2 2021

landscape of advanced technology.png
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This 95-page report “Landscape of Advanced Technology Companies in Pharmaceutical Industry Q2 2021” marks the inaugural work in a series of reports providing insights and our findings about the expansion of technology developers and vendors into the pharmaceutical space, and their increasing role and influence on the overall success of drug discovery and pharmaceutical business.

Press Release:Major Inconsistencies in Recent IPO Scandal Revealed

Major Inconsistencies in Recent IPO Scandal Revealed.png
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Deep Knowledge Analytics Independent Investigation Into Recent Claims of Misconduct Against NASDAQ. The analysis includes “Nanox Company Composite Analysis”, “Informational Note (Summary): Analysis of 'Unusual Trading Activity' Surrounding Nanox in 2020”, “Informational Summary about Short Sellers: Citron Research and Muddy Waters”, and full report “Unusual Trading Activity’ at Nasdaq related to the shares of Nanox”.

Head of Computational Molecular Design of Bayer AG, quoted Deep Pharma Intelligence on LinkedIn 

bayer logo.png

"...really cool to see Bayer on top of the list (Deep Pharma Intelligence, of pharma companies, embracing the #digitalization through collaborations with #ai companies. Leading or being involved in some of those collaborations, I can honestly say that this fundamentally changes the way how we work."

Thinktank calls for better co-ordination of mobile health applications

Group 14 (1).png

The thinktank, which provides the secretariat for the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence, has published the Global mHealth Industry Landscape Overview 2020 in collaboration with Deep Knowledge Analytics, looking at 260 companies active in the field and broken down on a regional basis.

Deep Knowledge Participated in Sibiu Innovation Days

BANNER Site_SID_2020.jpg
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The project manager of the Deep Knowledge Analytics, Anastasia Lit has conducted the presentation "Artificial Intelligence Industry in the Europe 2020" last week at Sibiu Innovation Days.

On the panel 1 "Artificial Intelligence", Anastasia presented the overview of AI in the EU Landscape with influencers list and regional distribution.

The recording is accessible.

The lucrative business of living longer

financial times logo.png

Our report "Longevity Industry in UK. Landscape Overview 2018" was mentioned by Financial Times in a huge article about Longevity.
The one billion retired people globally are a multi-trillion dollar opportunity for business,” said Dmitry Kaminskiy, co-author of the UK Longevity Industry Report and managing partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures, who was a panellist at last week’s event.

Pharma’s AlphaGo Moment: For the First Time, Artificial Intelligence Has Designed a New Drug in 21 Days


Insilico Medicine succeeds in using AI to design a new molecule from scratch in just 21 days, and validate it in just 25 days, compared to 2-3 years required currently for pharma industry. This is Pharma’s AlphaGo moment. In 2015 DeepMind succeeded in developing the first AI capable of beating a human Go champion in Go. This may be an analogous game-changing moment for Pharma. 

Pharma companies put faithin AI for breakthroughs

financial times logo.png

Billions are being bet to find the next revolutionary drug. In 2013, US start-up Berg was asked by the Department of Defense to help improve the detection of prostate cancer, a disease common among pilots. Less than five years later, an artificial intelligence-driven tool has been tested on more than 1,000 patients with promising results.

UK in strong position to be leader in crypto economy, report says

the guardian logo.png

UK in strong position to be leader in crypto economy, report says Britain has required resources to be global hub for blockchain technology, analysts say. Britain has all the required resources, as well as industrial and governmental will, to become a global hub for the technology by 2022, according to analysis by the Big Innovation Centre, DAG Global and Deep Knowledge Analytics.

Isn't It Time Banks And Crypto-Exchanges Made Friends?

forbes logo.png

By 2022, the UK will be a global hub for blockchain technologies and the crypto economy. "Why is the UK, the global financial heavyweight, with a liberal market economy, smart regulatory environment and excitement for innovation, not a leader now?" That is the claim of a new report from the Big Innovation Centre, DAG Global and Deep Knowledge Analytics, released last month. 

PharmTech quoted AI-Friendly CEOs and Board Members report

Group 17.png

Deep Knowledge Analytics also released a report examining AI, which examined practices at 50 pharmaceutical companies to identify leaders who are most actively driving the use of AI in their organizations. The goal of this research is to benchmark the impact of management support on the use of AI and overall efforts to increase R & D efficiency, according to Margaretta Colangelo, managing partner at Deep Knowledge Ventures. 

Global Dominance in AI? China’s Got a Plan For That

elsevier logo.png

“China’s ability to generate massive amounts of real-time medical data from more than 1 billion people in the local population, stimulated by rather flexible privacy laws is driving advancement," writes Margaretta Colangelo of Deep Knowledge Ventures. Though she says that government programs are also helping to grow local AI and data science talent.

MIT School of Engineering first quarter 2019 awards

massachusetts institute of technology logo.png

Members of the MIT engineering faculty receive many awards. Every quarter, the School of Engineering publicly recognizes their achievements by highlighting the honors, prizes, and medals won by faculty working .
Regina Barzilay, Manolis Kellis, Tommi Jaakola and Peter Szolovits were named among “Top 100 AI Leaders in Drug Discovery and Advanced Healthcare” by Deep Knowledge Analytics on Feb. 1.

MIT acknowledged AI ranking made by Deep Knowledge Analytics

machine-learning-in-healthcare (1).jpg
Group 20.png

Deep Knowledge Analytics’s “Top 100 AI Leaders in Drug Discovery and Advanced Healthcare” (PDF) looked at scientists, clinicians and technologists across academia, pharma, and AI companies. Among the honorees were CSAIL principal investigators and MIT professors Regina Barzilay, Tommi Jaakkola, Manolis Kellis and Peter Szolovits.

The 100 Leading PioneersOf AI Drug Development

forbes logo.png

Deep Knowledge Analytics picked the 'Top 100 AI Leaders in Drug Discovery and Advanced Healthcare’ out of an initial pool of 500 outstanding candidates. Unless a new AI winter wind blows and sweeps over the science explorers, their work is quite likely to enhance the quality of life surpassing the most vivid science fiction imagination.

An Insight Of AI's Penetration In Drug Development Market

An Insight Of AI's Penetration In Drug Development Market.jpg
forbes logo.png

A recent article about AI-based drug development, indicates the progressive use of A.I. technologies for the drug production industry, mining the huge amount of data collected from the pharmaceutical companies’ data centers. Thanks to Deep Knowledge Ventures which a couple of days ago updated their research data, we took the opportunity to delve into the latest developments of this market.

Report:AI industry in the UK Q3/2018     

logo icon.png

A major report by Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Analytics places the UK in the third spot in the global rankings for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it foresees it excelling in specific subsectors and areas in the coming years.

Is France paying the price for ‘lax’ Swiss Covid measures?

image 3008.png

In June, Switzerland seemed to have withstood the first wave of the pandemic thanks to a rather satisfactory political and economic response. At the time, Hong Kong-based think tank Deep Knowledge Group even placed it at the top of its global safety assessment ranking. In August, however, the Alpine nation was downgraded to fourth place, behind Germany, New Zealand and South Korea. 

World's Top 20 AI Drug Development Companies

World's Top 20 AI Drug Development Compa
forbes logo.png

"Although pharmaceutical companies spend over $172 billion on research and development annually, over 90% of molecules discovered using traditional techniques fail in human clinical trials. Moreover, 75% of newly approved drugs are unable to cover the cost of development and some analysts predict that ROI in pharmaceutical R&D may hit zero by 2020."

Tech Experts Join Forces to Map UK Innovation Ecosystem

Group 22 (2).png
logo icon.png

London, 24 August 2018 – Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Analytics form strategic partnership to produce regular landscape overviews of UK Innovation Ecosystem and DeepTech industries.

AI System Has Designed, Synthesized and Surpassed Independent Validation of a New Drug in Just 21 Days

AI System Has Designed New Drug in Just 21 Days.png
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September 3, 2019, London, UK: Deep Knowledge Analytics acknowledges the new ground-breaking achievement of Insilico Medicine, which succeeded to design, synthesize and validate a novel drug candidate end-to-end in just 46 days, which is 15 times faster There is a high probability that this achievement will become a true game-changer for the entire pharmaceutical industry

Press Release: Fintech for Social Good

Press Release: Fintech for Social Good.jpg
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Deep Knowledge Analytics, the analytical arm of Deep Knowledge Ventures, in coordination with Future FinTech announces the release of a special report on the topic of financial inclusion: “FinTech for Social Good”.

Report: AI for Drug Discovery

Report: AI for Drug Discovery.jpg
logo icon.png

Deep Knowledge Analytics is pleased to announce the publication of its most advanced industry analytical report to date: AI for Drug Discovery, Biomarker Development and Advanced R&D 2018 Q2.

Press Release: Longevity Industry in UK

logo icon.png

Monday, July 30, 2018, London, UK: Deep Knowledge Analytics announces the publication of a new analytical report titled Longevity Industry in UK Landscape Overview 2018.

Press Release: Blockchain Industry in UK

logo icon.png

Monday, July 16, London: Big Innovation Centre, DAG Global and Deep Knowledge Analytics announce the release of a first-of-its-kind, 960-page report on the state of the Blockchain Industry in the United Kingdom.

Report: Financial Inclusion Q2/2018

image 3013-min.jpg
logo icon.png

Deep Knowledge Analytics, together with Future FinTech, produced a new updated edition of our previous “Developing World Financial Inclusion” analytical report. This new 450-page document, timed to Quarter 2 of 2018, provides a much deeper overview of industry

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