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DeepTech & GeoEconomic Big Data Analytics Dashboards

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Deep Pharma Intelligence
Big Data

Analytics Dashboard

Application of AI for Advanced R&D

Generate Novel Drug Candidates


  • Analyze data sets, form hypotheses and generate novel insights

  • Identify novel drug candidates

  • Analyze data from patient samples in both healthy and diseased states to generate novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets

  • Predict binding affinity and other pharmacological properties of molecules

  • Allow filtering for drug-like properties of molecules

  • Reduce complexity in protein design

Clinical Trials


  • Optimize clinical trial study design

  • Transform diverse streams of biomedical and healthcare data into computer models representative of individual patients

  • Deliver personalized medicine at scale by revealing optimal health interventions for individual patients

  • Analyze medical records to find patients for clinical trials

  • Automate matching cancer patients to clinical trials through personal medical history and genetic analysis

  • Improve pathology analysis

  • Identify patients that would benefit from novel therapies

Design and Processing of Preclinical Experiments


  • Reduce time, money, and uncertainty in planning experiments

  • Decode open- and closed-access data on reagents and get actionable insights

  • Automate selection, manipulation, and analysis of cells

  • Expedite development of cell lines and automate manufacturing of cellular therapeutics

  • Automate sample analysis with a robotic cloud laboratory

Repurposing of Existing Drugs


  • Rapidly identify new indications for many known drugs

  • Match existing drugs with rare diseases

  • Conduct experimental biology at scale by testing 1000+ of compounds on 100+ of cellular disease models in parallel

  • Generate novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets

Aggregation and Synthesis of Information


  • Extract knowledge from literature

  • Generate insights from thousands  of unrelated data sources

  • Improve decision-making 

  • Eliminate blind spots in research

  • Identify competitive whitespace

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