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United Arab Emirates

Main Achievements

  • The UAE has various AI-related strategies (around areas such as smart cities and autonomous transport) that accelerate AI adoption.

  • The country set up the Arab World's first ICT Fund, which continues to fund technology companies in the UAE. 

  • The Dubai Future Accelerators Program brings together public and private sector organisations to stimulate technological innovation. 

  • The city of Dubai also has a dedicated AI Lab that offers support to startups

  • The Mohammed Bin Zayed University of AI, established in 2019, aims to be a leading graduate research centre in AI.

  • The arrival of 5G in the UAE has been a major boost to its technological infrastructure,  stimulating the development of country’s AI and IoT sectors. 

  •  The Government is committed to improving the availability of open data: the UAE now has an open data portal, Bayanat. The Government’s Smart Data Framework includes open data as one of its key principles.

The Government of the UAE made innovation and the embrace of new technologies a priority in its National AI Strategy of 2017, which established a dedicated Ministry for Artificial Intelligence to oversee the strategy’s implementation. 

Government aims to engage in the co-creation of globally relevant innovation policies, convey on UAE’s capability to become a global thought leader & lab for experiments, and build on the global efforts of innovation practitioners and focus on what is next in Government Innovation.


  • Education: Reduce costs and enhance the desire to learn

  • Transportation and Traffic management: Reduce accidents and operational costs

  • Renewable energy: Facilities management and smart consumption

  • Space: Accurate testing and reduction of costly error rates

  • Technology: Raise the percentage of production and communication effectiveness

  • Environment: Increase the rate of forestation

  • Water: Conduct analysis and studies to provide water sources

  • Health: Minimize chronic and dangerous diseases



  • SMART DUBAI STRATEGY to implement innovation and digital transformation. An AI smart lab was launched in 2017 to train public and private sector employees in implementing AI in their fields. 

  • DUBAI 3D PRINTING STRATEGY to disrupt construction, medical products, and consumer products sectors with the goal of 25 percent of buildings in Dubai constructed using 3D printing technology by 2030.

  • DUBAI AUTONOMOUS TRANSPORTATION STRATEGY to cut transportation costs by 44 percent, carbon emissions by 12 percent and accidents by 12 percent by transforming 25 percent of all transportation in the city to autonomous modes by 2030.