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The New Geography: A Map for Discovering the 21 st Century

We live in an age of fusion and in a world of networks. We collaborate with economists, sociologists, geographers and engineers, since the more varied an approach we take to a challenge, the more easily we will find an answer and a genuine solution.
We are part of a special “geo-moment” in both space and time: global space is fragmented, knowledge, creativity and highly skilled labor are becoming the greatest value, and former peripheral countries with knowledge-intensive economies may become the new points of reference.

Today, human society and the economy along with it have been radically transformed in the wake of globalization. The integration and the rise of networks within the global economy is unfolding at an accelerating pace from one decade to the next. The elimination of the barriers within the economy, the global unification of standards and the global homogenization of consumption habits have given rise to a global economy that is increasingly becoming a unified whole and behaving like a single unit. 

According to Joel Kotkin, in this world order, tribal traits, shared history, race, ethnicity, religion and culture replace the borders defined by diplomacy as the organizing fundamentals of humanity. These ties are as old as history itself, and their impact has been reinforced by globalization. In this world order, borders remain malleable and change over time, and the author has identified 19 groups of countries, economic regions or cities that are bound not by their geographic proximity, but by their similar attributes

The level of creativity of communities, regions and countries is closely correlated with their economic development. The countries that understand the changes unfolding in the environment and view these changes as opportunities, invest in knowledge and innovation. The countries that are unable to generate knowledge will have no other choice but to buy it.
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