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Proprietary Analytics

Overview of Proprietary Analytics by Pharma Division of Deep Knowledge Analytics

Deep Pharma Intelligence
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The Pharma Division of Deep Knowledge Analytics encompasses deep intelligence of the pharma industry and the AI for Drug Discovery sector. AI has already become the key ingredient of success for Tech Corporations and is becoming crucially important for Big Pharma as well. It will be like oxygen for them in no time. This is why the knowledge and incorporation of AI and DL is of paramount importance for the pharma corporations if they plan to survive. Those pharma companies that are last have the potential to become first, and those of them that are downtrodden could rise up. All they need is AI and the knowledge of the market. The series of AI for Pharma reports from Deep Knowledge Analytics is there for the taking.


The key questions regarding AI for Drug Discovery and Biomarker Development sector include:


  • What are the major threats and opportunities facing biopharma corporations regarding AI development in the industry?

  • What is the specifics of the stock indices aggregated based on pharma and tech corporations applying AI?

  • What are the main reasons for declining efficiency of R&D of biopharma corporations and what are business consequences and solutions for the corporations and other participants of the industry?

  • How can different institutions benefit from the aforementioned tendencies?


There are a few 40+ page reports delivering practical answers to these specific questions in order to optimize the short and long-term strategies of biopharma corporations and other institutions related to the industry, with a newly updated edition being released each quarter, incrementally increasing the precision, practicality and actionability of its technological and financial analysis. 


They will deliver:

  • Concrete deep analysis of the prospects of AI for Drug Discovery and Biomarker Development industry regarding the development of the different trends;

  • Tangible forecasts on the 3-5 years horizon, providing an overview of future scenarios of the development of AI in the pharma industry;

  • Practical guide to the optimized way for assembling the best possible tools and solutions to deal with the industry trends;

  • Analysis of key market players in the AI for Drug Discovery and Biomarker Development landscape.


The parties who gain early access to these reports will have deep expertise on how their strategic agendas can be optimized and stabilized in order to manage the usage of AI for Drug Discovery and Biomarker Development, to surpass the challenges and to utilize the opportunities related to these novel biopharma trends.

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