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On November 15th - 17th 2021 Deep Pharma Intelligence (DPI) hosted three virtual events that were focused on key industry trends, activities, and investing takeaways in the artificial intelligence (AI) in the Pharma sector. 

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‘Blockchain Industry in the UK Landscape Overview 2021′ is a new version of our 2018 analysis and report originally published in dialogue with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain (APPG Blockchain) which contained the first comprehensive mapping of the UK Blockchain landscape.



The Emerging Longevity Industry

A UAE Perspective

14 February 2022, 3 PM - 4 PM GST

To refine and elevate the discourse on Longevity (healthy ageing), DKG conducted an online event, The Emerging Longevity Industry — A UAE Perspective, in association with Sharjah Research Technology & Innovation Park (SRTIP) on Feb. 14, 2022. In the UAE, the Longevity sector is expected to hit $23 billion in 2026, growing at a CAGR of 3%.

This event was graced by some of the well-known personalities of the UAE, including H.E. Dr Amin Al Amiri, Undersecretary for the Health Regulation Sector at UAE Ministry of Health and H.E. Hussain AlMahmoudi, CEO of Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP). 

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