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The Gulf Region: Top-50 Women in the Technology Sector

The Gulf Region: Top-50 Women in the Technology Sector report highlights the key women in the tech world of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
Since one of the main criteria used in the report is distribution by industry, we chose to focus on women from some of the region’s major sectors, such as Business & Entrepreneurship, FinTech, DigitalTech, and GovTech. The majority of them are founders and co-founders of their own businesses, holding C-level positions and being Academia & Research representatives in the Tech industry. The goal of the report is to show that women in the Gulf Region are capable of competing with men on equal terms, both in the public or private sector. Though for some male-dominated countries it can be a challenging and lengthy process, there has been a positive trend toward an increase in the number of women occupying prominent positions in their respective societies.

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