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Blockchain Industry in

the UK / Q3 2018

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Blockchain Industry in the UK / Q3 2018

In July 2018 in coordination with All Parties Parliamentary Group on Blockchain we published a 960-page report titled Blockchain Industry in UK Landscape Overview Q2 2018. The unprecedented scope, depth and volume of the report itself demonstrates the level of development and maturity of Blockchain Industry in the UK, and the same time raised the bar for the new standard of industry analytical reports. This report will be an ongoing project, updated for every financial quarter. The report was covered by hundreds of FinTech and Crypto media around the globe, most notably by The Guardian.


Currently, Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Analytics are working on a next edition of the report titled “Blockchain Industry in the UK / Q3 2018 ” which is planned to be published on 20th October in coordination with All Parties Parliamentary Group on Blockchain and will be more than 1000 pages in length.


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