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Interactive Report

FinTech in the UK Landscape Overview 2022

Welcome to the first-of-its-kind interactive ‘FinTech in the UK Landscape Overview 2022’, which includes a collection of advanced analytics on the FinTech industry in the UK, an overview of next-generation technologies, and case studies that explore FinTech solutions implementations. We hope that our stakeholders will make use of the valuable information provided herein.

Developed by Deep Knowledge Analytics, FinTech in the UK Industry Overview Q2 2022 report contains a comprehensive overview of the FinTech sector, providing such qualitative indicators as key findings, the general landscape of the industry, and quantitative ones like distribution of FinTech companies by UK regions, 2000+ FinTech companies by categories, Top 100 UK companies’ as for their fundings, and leading FinTech start-ups in the UK.

The FinTech Industry is one amongst other contributors to the UK digitalization process. The study is performed based on the analysis of the UK enterprises involved in finances, their current status and evolution over the last years, their technology progress, and trends with obstacles. The overview revises the FinTech structure in the UK, the most impactful influencers, and various business cases related to the industry.





R&Ds, Hubs, and Non-Profits






Interactive Report

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