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2nd Arab-British Economic Summit

2 November 2022 | Hilton London Metropole W2 1JU

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Talgat Takiyev
Head of Investor Relations at Deep Knowledge Group

Talgat is a finance professional with in-depth expertise in investor relations, management and business development. Prior to joining Deep Knowledge Group, he worked for asset management companies and family offices in the UK and Switzerland, as well as an investment banking boutique in New York. Talgat holds a master’s degree in Management from Imperial College Business School.

Session 4: Accelerating health
Wednesday Nov. 02 - 02:35pm - 03:25pm (50 min)

We look forward to our participation in the 2nd Arab British Economic Summit (ABES 2022), a high-level conference bringing together government officials, senior executives, thought leaders, and decision-makers from across the UK and the Arab World to discuss trade and investment opportunities. The discussion will focus on various sectors including healthcare, education, financial services, hospitality, real estate, transport, and other key sectors.

During the Summit, our Head of Investor Relations Talgat Takiyev will be sharing an overview of our existing partnership with Sharjah Research Technology & Innovation Park (SRTIP), including the recent launch of the world’s largest ‘healthy ageing’ database, our online conference that we have organized with the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, and the Life Sciences in the UAE report that we have launched in collaboration with SRTIP.

Talgat will reveal our Gulf Region Longevity Initiative Concept, which represents a roadmap guiding our presence in the GCC region today and into the future. He will also share the topline findings of some of our recent reports, which include:

GULF Regions Analytics

Life Science in
the United Arab Emirates
LS in GULF.webp
Advanced Biomedicine in the Gulf Region Landscape Overview
Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 21_edited.webp
Pandemic-Resilient Cities
Ranking 2022
report cover 2_edited.webp
Global FoodTech
Landscape Q2 2022
AgriTech in the UAE
Industry Landscape 2022
Screenshot 2022-07-13 125358.png
Global Food Security
Q2 2022
Food security cover 2022.png

Interactive Mindmaps

AgriTech in the UAE
Industry Landscape 2022
Life Science in
the United Arab Emirates 
DeepTech in Gulf Region Industry Landscape Overview
mindmaps.dka.global_ai-in-gulf-region-131(high) (1).png

Previous Events


Deep Knowledge Group and Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park launch the Life Sciences in the UAE

Deep Knowledge Group (DKG) and the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP) have recently co-hosted a TechTalk to reveal their jointly-produced Life Sciences in the UAE report.
The event saw Anastasia Lit, Director of Investor Relations, Europe & MENA, Deep Knowledge Group discuss key developments in the Life Sciences industry, highlighting the emerging Longevity Industry and its focus on healthy ageing.

SRTIP Partnership.png

SRTIP and Deep Knowledge Analytics set out to research and develop the longevity industry in the UAE

Sharjah Research Technology & Innovation Park (SRTIP) and Deep Knowledge Analytics (DKA), a DeepTech analytical agency focused on Longevity, AI, and the convergence of technological megatrends have announced a first-of-a-kind strategic partnership aimed at mapping the Longevity Industry in the UAE.

Press Mentions

AB  English Logo.png

At Deep Knowledge Group we have been working on developing and deploying solutions such as Longevity, FinTech, SpaceTech, HealthTech, GovTech, InvestTech. We have established a specific subsidiary – Advanced InvestTech Solutions – focused on designing new investment technologies and financial products.

With the region’s ageing population and concerns about long-term care on the rise, the UAE has established a pattern for the region's longevity sector by embracing data and analytics, spreading knowledge about healthy ageing, and working towards the formulation of a national longevity policy, explains Emma Brodina, Deputy Managing Partner of Deep Knowledge Group.

AB  English Logo.png

Currently, UAE families take most of the responsibility for caring their elderly. The shift from the extended family model towards smaller nuclear families and the lack of sufficient old-age care facilities will pose challenges that can exacerbate the burden of old-age care. 

Anastasia Lit: Human longevity is an emerging industry focused on healthy ageing. The goal is to lengthen the lifespan of people while improving their health. The longevity industry presents solutions for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases related to ageing.

“The longevity sector has the potential to deliver substantial ROIs while providing tangible benefits for humanity more than any other industry in history.” “Progress in longevity is no longer a question of advances in sciences and biomedicine". Anastasia Lit believes growing old will be a positive opportunity rather than a “sickness”.

Baha Hamadi, Vice President of Communications, spoke to CNBC Arabia on FemTech and Longevity, how the convergence of the knowledge economy and technology support GDP growth, and the expected economic impact of relatively new sectors in the UAE and MENA such as Longevity.

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